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 PO Box 5464, Haines Junction ~ The Yukon Y0B1L0

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 About Us/Mission: is a Yukon firm owned by Evalina Zamana of Marsh Lake.

Since 1996, we have been proponents of the concept that the WWWeb in its present form is a precursor to the thousand channel TV set.  It's about convergence as many of the devices that we use move towards a common platform for seamless ease of use.  We have since seen fax machines, telephones, cells, tv, pagers & computers sharing data.  We have been using the Internet since its early form in 1987.  It was text based.  In 1995, Netscape and Eudora and other trail blazers made browsing and sending email user friendly.  The Web has grown thru stages of black & white graphics, color graphics, audio and video. And now it is interactive where audio and video flows both ways in real time.

Millions of volunteers built the Web.  They share their interest in hobbies, sports, science and a myriad of other subjects.  Firms, govt's and associations all share their information.  And we are witnessing the transition from static text-based sites to graphics to audio/video showplaces.

thanx for visiting our site & feel free to comment, ask us questions or make suggestions on improving the experience

na razie (bye for now), Evalina Z.

(2006 )