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Hosting Mall PaymentCentre Canadian Merchant Accounts Web Design
  • $25 monthly ($20 for non-profits)

  • includes domain registration

  • includes ample Emails with "catchall"

  • free "theYUKON.tv subscription" for SkyCanada Hosting clients 

Buy Yukon products & services at our Mall Increase "impulse sales" by taking credit cards & debit cards at your website Pay "by the hour" or by "barter" or by "% of your Web Sales"

Hosting Features

Within an hour, u can be uploading content to our hosting server.  Or we can do it for you if expertise is lacking.

Need an affordable alternative for your small business web marketing?  Talk to us about bartering your own product or service (we also take trout & moose!) for Hosting and/or Design or we can consider Revenue-Sharing.  SkyCanada can make maintaining a website completely painless if that is a concern.  We will make every effort to help you get your website up and working.

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